Why Hemp Moisturizer is Perfect for Everyday Use

Posted on October 24, 2018
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Hemp moisturizer can actually turn back time, for your skin at least! The anti-aging properties of hemp oil can bring years back to your face. That’s why hemp moisturizer is perfect for everyday use! It will rejuvenate your skin to its natural, supple softness and actually encourage your skin to boost its own natural beauty.

Here are the top reasons why we love using hemp moisturizer every day:

Hemp moisturizer will bring out the best in your face.  

You want to use hemp moisturizer every day because it’s brimming with the key to younger looking skin. The secrets - of course there’s more than one! - are all of the essential acids in hemp oil.

For starters, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids bring your skin back to its natural beauty by regulating the production of oil. This keeps your skin soft without leaving behind any greasy residue. Then the amino acids get to work. They encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin to tighten skin and smooth wrinkles. Using hemp moisturizers every day will maintain this natural production and keep your skin looking (and feeling!) its best.

Hemp Oil For Beauty
Using a hemp oil infused moisturizer on the face daily has many benefits for total beauty and skin health.

Hemp moisturizer is a powerful antioxidant.

Adding a hemp moisturizer to your beauty routine will protect your face against all of those free radicals that try to make you look older. Free radicals are things like smoke, pollutants, even hard water that dries out or otherwise irritates your skin. Hemp oil provides a natural barrier between you and these radicals. Try out Diamond Hemp Antioxidant Facial Serum to give your face an added boost of protection. Apply a pea-sized amount of serum after washing your face to give your skin 24 hours of protection.

Hemp moisturizer improves skin from the inside out.

As a natural antioxidant, hemp oil works hard protecting our skin from free radicals. But not all antioxidants break through that first superficial layer of skin. To really get the most out of your hemp moisturizer, try using Diamond Hemp’s DMAE Hemp Cream.

DMAE is short for dimethylaminoethanol. It’s a mouthful isn’t it? But it sure is powerful! DMAE is an antioxidant membrane stabilizer, meaning that it can actually break through to your skin cells and strengthen them from the inside out. With a stronger membrane, your skin cells are less likely to cave under the pressure of free radicals.

The strength of DMAE gets to the muscles in your face too, preventing your skin from sagging. Like hemp oil, DMAE works with your skin to produce neurotransmitters. In particular, DMAE inspires acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter associated with muscular function, to tone the muscles in your skin and make it look smoother and younger. You’ll notice firmer looking skin within days once you start using hemp moisturizer every day.

Hemp is the perfect full-body moisturizer.

We added DMAE to our essential hemp moisturizer to bring out the best in your skin. The DMAE and hemp oil in Diamond Hemp DMAE Cream work together to make your skin healthier, brighter, and softer. What’s more is you can use this cream and all of Diamond Hemp’s moisturizers on your whole body, and not just your face!

Especially as the weather gets colder, using hemp moisturizer all over will give your skin - your body’s largest organ -  the best care it could ask for this winter. Apply hemp moisturizer to elbows, feet, and hands where you’re likely to experience the most dryness. Don’t hesitate to use Diamond Hemp moisturizers every day, either. After a warm bath, Diamond Hemp Antioxidant Cream will soothe your skin and seal in all that warmth and moisture to keep your skin feeling soft and looking young.

Hemp moisturizer is perfect for everyday use.

Enjoy younger looking skin by using a hemp moisturizer just once every day. And we really do mean just once! Because all of the essential acids and antioxidants in Diamond Hemp moisturizers work together to help your skin retain moisture, you only have to apply it once a day.

After cleansing and toning with your favorite beauty brand, apply hemp moisturizer once and move on with your day. Your skin will stay soft all over without you giving it a second thought. And it’s so easy to use that it Diamond Hemp Moisturizers might just be the last moisturizers you ever buy!


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