Five Hemp Oil Beauty Secrets From The Diamond Hemp Team

Posted on November 13, 2018

We could keep all our hemp oil beauty secrets to ourselves, but where’s the fun in that? Here are our top five favorite beauty secrets from the Diamond Hemp team. With these fabulous five tips, you will be sure to have glowing, healthy skin. Enjoy!

Hemp Oil For Hydration

The human body is made up primarily of water. Our cells crave hydration. Keeping your body—and your skin—hydrated is the best beauty secret of all time! Without sufficient water content, skin cells cannot purge impurities. This can leave your skin looking dull and unhealthy. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water—not coffee, not soft drinks—each day. You can add lemon to water to give it some pizazz and to take advantage of the detoxifying properties that lemon juice possesses. If you can’t see yourself drinking all that water every day, try eating high water content vegetables and fruits like cucumber and watermelon. Yum! Diamond Hemp can also help. We formulated our Diamond Refresh clarifying hemp mask for use after hydration. Regular use of this mask product will definitely balance your skin and keep oil under control.

Hemp oil for skincare
Hemp seed oil can help skin that must be nourished. Your skin needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to feed your cells and maintain that healthy glow and hemp seed oil can help.

Hemp Oil For Nutrition

Skin must be nourished. Your skin needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to feed your cells and maintain that healthy glow. Vitamins A and E are very beneficial for the skin because they contain antioxidants. Use our Diamond Hemp Diamond Serenity facial serum. It is rich in vitamins A, B and E, and you’ll love the way it feels and nourishes your skin.

Hemp Oil To Treat Acne?

Yes, hemp oil is fantastic for treating acne. It may not sound right, but dry skin can actually cause your skin to overproduce oil. Many acne products on the market today dry your skin and strip it of too much oil, which makes your skin produce more oil, which leads to clogged pores.

Hemp oil products properly hydrate your skin. Oil is reduced, pores are less clogged and acne doesn’t even have a chance of starting. Hemp oil has natural antibacterial properties, and at Diamond Hemp, we have several cleansers, scrubs and creams, all of which are formulated for various skin types, including acne-prone skin.

Hemp oil for relaxation
Yes, hemp oil is fantastic for all kinds of skin treatments and does not clog pores making it great to be used on face and body.

Hemp Oil For Sleep

Sleep is so crucial for your skin to look great. Each night, your skin rejuvenates and purges impurities. Without enough sleep, your skin cells can’t perform this vital function.

Be sure that you don’t commit the “cardinal sin of skin”. What is it? Sleeping with your makeup on! Skin has to “breathe” overnight, so always remove makeup. Hemp oil products are actually great for this, and the best part is these products serve double duty as a moisturizer. Try products like our Diamond Hemp Butter Scrub and our Diamond Hemp Butter Cream moisturizer.

Hemp Oil For Stress

Just as stress affects many of your body’s functions, it also affects your skin. People under undue amounts of stress crank out hormones like cortisol that make skin oilier and more prone to breakouts.

Try to minimize stress by exercising and taking breaks throughout the day. Also be sure to create some “me time” each week where you just do something you enjoy, like reading a book or going to the movies.

And of course there’s always chocolate. Diamond Hemp knows the stress-busting power of chocolate, and that’s why we created Diamond Hemp Chocolate Body Scrub. You’ll be de-stressed in no time!

Using hemp oil products is a healthy habit for your skin, so be sure to try these tips from the Diamond Hemp team. Your skin will thank you for it.

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